How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy life is not difficult, but if you are used to an unhealthy lifestyle it takes time and effort to change it. It is often said that it takes three weeks for the body to get used to any major lifestyle change. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, it is important to look at your current lifestyle honestly and find out what needs to change.

Healthy Diet

When thinking about a healthy life most people think about a healthy diet. The first step is to keep a food diary for a week. Write down what you eat every day, including snacks and all drinks, and take a honest look at your food diary at the end of the week.

There is no need to judge your eating habits, but a food diary is a great way to find out if your diet is really as healthy or as unhealthy as you think. It is easy to forget about all the small snacks, sweets and alcoholic drinks, and it is also easy to get into bad eating habits without even noticing. Once you have written everything down you can have a clear idea about what changes you need to make.

Physical Exercise

Write down all the exercise sessions and outdoor activities you do every week. How much physical exercise do you get on average during a typical week? How often do you exercise and do you get a lot of variety in your exercise routine? If you are not exercising at all, think about adding 2-3 exercise sessions each week. The sessions can be short to start with and can include any physical activity that you enjoy doing: walking, cycling, swimming, tennis, roller skating or fitness classes.

If you are already exercising, look at your routine to see if you are getting enough variety. It is important to get some cardiovascular activity such as running, swimming, cycling, aerobics or other fitness classes, as well as enough strengthening or toning work such as going to the gym.

Sleep and Relaxation

Good sleep is important to physical health, and it is also important to mental and emotional wellness. Make sure you get enough sleep, and if you have trouble sleeping, try to find out what causes your sleeping problems and what you can do about it. Lack of sleep affects your immunity, your emotional wellness and your stress levels.

Stress-relieving activities are also important for a healthy life. Add yoga to your exercise routine or try meditation classes or relaxation videos or tapes. Stress causes many health problems and keeping your stress levels under control is a part of living a healthy life. Regular exercise helps to prevent stress, too.